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Faces of Hunger

Read the stories from the neighbors and community members who have been helped by Long Island Cares.


We have a mission to end food insecurity and make a real impact on individual people’s lives. To see how you can help make a difference in your community click the link below.

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Who are the faces of hunger on Long Island?

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Persevering through adversity


Meet Tom.

A few years ago, he had a well-paying job in NYC, a big house, and a stable living situation with his wife and kids. Then, the unthinkable happened. He struck hit by a vehicle while walking back to his train one evening after work.

The accident left him with severe injuries, including a broken back. It was so bad that his doctors wouldn’t even allow him to work a desk job for fear of aggravating the injury further. Today he spends much of his time at home, disabled, getting by with his monthly government checks. He uses Long Island Cares to support his family and get through hardships to save money wherever he can.

“If I pick up $40 worth of groceries from Long Island Cares, then that’s $40 I can put towards fixing a leaky faucet in my house or getting the kids an extra Christmas gift this year,” he said. He is just one of the 228,000 Long Islanders in need of food through no fault of their own.

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Student Donors


Meet Colby, a Long Island college student making a difference for his neighbors in need.

Colby donated 60 meals for our Adopt-a-Family program, including Traditional, South American, and Caribbean meals.

“I’ve always been encouraged to find ways to give back to my community, and I couldn’t think of a better opportunity!”

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Volunteering 5 Days a Week


What does a dedicated volunteer look like?

Is it someone who helps out consistently? Is friendly and welcoming to pantry visitors? Maybe they perform a task exceptionally well?

To the people who work in our Lindenhurst satellite, they just bundle these good graces together into a volunteer we call Donna who serves her community 4-5 days every week!

“A lot of people visiting these days are here for their first time,” said Donna. “The first thing I always say to them is that they’ve already gotten through the hardest step just by walking through that front door. I say, ‘You did it, don’t worry, we’re nice here!’ and always just try to comfort them however I can.”

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A first-time Visitor


Meet Khatisier from Calverton, one of the faces of hunger on #LongIsland.

Khatisier recently visited Long Island Cares for the first time ever. She says that before this year, she never had to make use of a food pantry, but because of rising grocery prices, it’s become a necessity to feed her three kids.

“I never wanted to use a pantry, but I’d do anything to feed my kids, and I’m glad Long Island Cares is helping me do that.”

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Client to Fundraiser


Meet Naomi, one of the (former) faces of Hunger on Long Island.

Throughout her life, Naomi has battled homelessness, job loss, and food insecurity.

But today, she proudly calls herself a Long Island Cares #donor. She’s got her #career on track and enjoys life with her two wonderful kids.

She regularly hosts fundraisers for whatever Long Island Cares needs as a way to give back to the food pantries that have helped her so much in the past.

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A Mother Daughter Story

Rocio and Guadalupe

Meet Rocio and her daughter Guadalupe, just two of the millions of Americans battling food insecurity.

Rocio works long hours to pay the bills, so cooking together has always been a way for the two of them to bond.

“I like to help my mom cook because I just like to see what she does with the food. It’s always quality time we spend together,” said Guadalupe.

And, because of your incredible support, the two of them can continue not worrying about whether they have enough saved to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal together.

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Military Appreciation Tuesdays


Meet Sal, a vet who makes use of Long Island Cares in Hampton Bays.

“I’m retired and my rent is very high. I dont have a big income so I have to watch every penny,” he said.

As a retired veteran, Sal is able to visit our Hampton Bays food pantry each week for Military Appreciation Tuesdays, shopping through the aisles like any other grocery store, chatting with our friendly staff, and always putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

To give back for the help he’s received, Sal likes to volunteer at his church and takes care of homeless residents in Riverhead, providing them with food, clothing, and other essentials.

Sal’s mission in life is to spread hope and kindness wherever he goes, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as a part of our family.

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Feeding the Family


Meet eight-year-old Gregory, one of the 68,000 kids battling food insecurity on LongIsland.

When his mom lost her job during the pandemic, the two of them were forced to rely on Long Island Cares’ support for food assistance.

“I like to eat chicken, I eat rice, I eat watermelon, I eat shrimp!” he said when asked about his favorite pantry items.

“He likes to eat everything! He never has any complaints!” laughed his mom.

Because of our incredible donors, families like Gregory’s can continue to lead happy lives worry-free about where their next meal will come from.

For that, we’re incredibly thankful to YOU, our donors, for your support in the mission to #endhunger on Long Island.


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