The Story of Adopt-a-Family

AAF-1In 2018, Long Island Cares faced an unusual challenge – a cranberry sauce shortage just in time for Thanksgiving. Little did they know that this predicament would give rise to an extraordinary initiative: the Adopt-a-Family program. This heartwarming project has left an indelible mark on countless families, not just by providing cranberry sauce but entire holiday meals to those in need.

Since its inception, the program has seen exponential growth, thanks to the unwavering support of both individuals and local businesses, all eager to make a meaningful difference in their community. Through Adopt-a-Family, donors have generously supplied a remarkable 33,130 meals to food-insecure families, turning the holiday season into a time of joy and celebration.


There are also a lot of dedicated donors out there. Take Liz Franks, for example. Liz has been supporting Adopt-a-Family from its very beginning. For her, giving became more than an act of kindness; it served as an escape for herself and her father, who was spending the holidays in the hospital.

“When I came across Adopt-a-Family, I immediately wanted to become involved,” Liz shared. “I wanted to give my father something to do, so he sent emails, called his purveyors and associates, and reached out to everyone he could to support the drive. It was wonderful to see him continue to make a difference while battling cancer.”


Tragically, Liz’s father lost his battle in December 2018, but her commitment to giving back remains unwavering. “Adopt-a-Family has become a way for me to keep my father’s memory alive and help others, just as he did his entire life,” she explained. “Our only goal is to surpass the number of meals we collected the prior year. If we can do that, I consider our mission a success.”

The program’s impact extends beyond individuals to Long Island businesses who have wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of giving. Companies like FrontStreet Facility Solutions view giving back as an integral part of their corporate values. Director of IT, Eric Furco, enthusiastically noted, “It is an opportunity each year for our employees to come together to make a difference and support a great cause.” He added that Adopt-a-Family has not only strengthened their sense of community but has also fostered a profound understanding of the significance of consistent giving.

AAF-3Likewise, Coach Realtors’ Communications Director, Shannon Heyman, understands that their involvement in Adopt-a-Family goes far beyond providing holiday meals. It’s a testament to their dedication to uplifting the Long Island community and fostering a spirit of unity and compassion.

By joining forces during this year’s Adopt-a-Family, individuals, businesses, and organizations are creating a powerful ripple effect of generosity and kindness. Each contribution, regardless of its size, adds up to something genuinely impactful for both donors and recipients. This collective effort makes the holiday season shine a little brighter for everyone on Long Island.


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