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Food Drives are a big part of what we do. They are the source for much of the more than seven million pounds of food we distribute each year. The best part? They are simple, fun, and a rewarding experience.

Complete the quick registration form linked below for access to our official food drive boxes, large color posters, and pickup service.

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Run a virtual food drive with, or instead of, a physical one! This service is free to use, and you can share your drive with even more people, giving your drive an extra boost! You choose how long you want your virtual drive to last, and once completed, the products are delivered directly to us.

To register your virtual drive, or for more information, click here!

Interested in a Virtual Food Drive? Check out our Virtual Food Drive Case Study.

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We offer many free tools to help make your successful:

Get prepared! Food Drive Checklist for a Successful Drive

FREE Poster! Download a food drive poster

FAQ Answers to all your questions 

Hunger Facts: Display our fact sheet

Did You Know?

Food Drives are a great way for students to complete their community service hours!
Only officially registered Drives can receive credit for community service hours. For more information, please contact our Food Drive Manager at fooddrive@licares.org.


Please note, Long Island Cares is a “No Turndown” Food Bank. However, we are unable to accept and distribute the following:

  • Unsafe, spoiled, and/or damaged items
  • Foods and beverages without a label and ingredient list (nutrition label)
  • Ice cream
  • Alcohol, or any items that promote/contain alcohol
  • Energy drinks containing cardiac stimulants (ex: Guarana)
  • Medical, oral, liquid and/or tube feeding supplements
  • Diet products that contain appetite suppressants
  • All liquid, ready-to-use and, and powdered infant and baby formula past the expiration, best by, sell by, use by, and code date
  • Clothing
  • Coats (as of March 2019, Long Island Cares will no longer host/collect coat drives)


To learn about our foods to encourage initiative, we invite you to visit our Nutrition and Food Safety Resources.


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