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With the help of people like you, Long Island Cares has the opportunity to support families in your community and families across Long Island.

To make your experience easy, we use Volunteer Matrix, a cloud-based volunteer management software system. This transition marks a significant step forward in streamlining our volunteer program, making it easier for you to get involved and stay connected.
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See details of our opportunities below. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

*Please note that volunteer hours at Long Island Cares are not counted as service for a court-related offense.

Gus’s Grocery Corner is a retail rescue program that provides fresh produce, dairy, and bakery items to our food pantries and member agencies so visitors can shop for fresh foods. Volunteers assist in sorting, refrigerating, and packing items so they are ready for distribution. Volunteers must be able to lift at least 40 lbs. Ability to stand, bend multiple times, and stack for the length of scheduled shift. Must be able to read food labels and follow a standard of food safety.

Warehouse volunteers sort through products, pack up supplies, and aid the warehouse staff and fellow volunteers with distributing products directly to our member agencies. Warehouse volunteers must be able to lift at least 25 lbs. Ability to stand, bend, and stack for the length of scheduled shift. Must be able to read food labels and follow a standard of food safety.

It’s important to note that our warehouse environment may present challenges for individuals with sensory sensitivities. This includes encountering environmental factors such as moving shopping carts, occasional clangs of metal or wood, and the sound of boxes being shifted and stacked. Furthermore, our team operates large machinery and equipment within the warehouse, which may be in motion during volunteer shifts.

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and accommodation, we encourage volunteers to communicate any specific sensory concerns or requirements for developmental or physical disabilities to our coordinator before registering. We are dedicated to creating an environment where every volunteer feels comfortable and valued. We are ready to discuss and provide necessary accommodations to support individuals in contributing their time and energy to our cause.

To prioritize the well-being and comfort of volunteers with developmental or physical disabilities throughout their involvement, please contact our coordinator to discuss before registering your group.

P4K is designed for children on Long Island who rely on free or reduced-price school meals. Volunteers pack each bag with enough food for six meals and two snacks for each child.

Families facing food insecurity often struggle to provide for their beloved pets. Baxter’s Pet Pantry provides food and supplies to help ensure that their furry companions stay at home where they belong.  Volunteers assist with stocking shelves and helping our clients shop.

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Food Pantries

Seed, Sow, and help maintain our gardens.

Grow to Give – Located at 75 Davids Drive in Hauppauge. All vegetables are donated to our food pantries so our clients can access fresh food.

*Veterans Community Garden – Located in Huntington Station. Gardens are maintained by our student and adult volunteers alongside Veterans in our community.

*Students interested in working at the Veteran’s Garden must commit to the entire season to ensure consistency in pairing with veterans. Once paired, students must stick with their commitment until November, with no backup coverage available.

Long Island Cares operates several mobile units that help distribute food to communities across Long Island. Volunteers help pack and load items into our mobile vans.

We provide monthly distribution of emergency food to senior community centers across Long Island. These packages are designed to supplement their home pantries and monthly shopping lists, offering essential sustenance when they need it the most. Volunteers help pack individual boxes for distribution.

Our mobile units distribute food and supplies to locations throughout Long Island, including Senior Centers.  Drivers must be over 21 years old, have a valid license, and a clean record.