The Power of a Pet

by: Rebecca Margolin

Your pet is not just your furry friend, they’re furry family. A pet is just as much a part of a family as a person is, and when the family suffers so does their animal. But, when a family suffers, their pet is more important than ever.

For people battling food insecurity, they turn to their pet to be the PAW-fect distraction that could boost their mood. According to a study done by Petplan, pet owners are 172.8% happier than non-pet owners. When times get RUFF, your pet can lower your heart rate, reduce anxiety and stress, and help remind you that you are loved. Having a pet not only improves your emotional wellbeing, but it is also proven that pets can boost physical health. People who own pets get about 200 more minutes of activity throughout the week than people who don’t own pets. Did we FUR-got to mention that having a pet can also increase socialization and helps to ensure that you are enjoying a healthy time outside.

There is truly nothing that compares to the relationship between a pet and their person, and here at Long Island Cares, we know that during CAT-astropic times, your pet can save your life. Baxter’s Pet Pantry was founded under this precedent in 2009, partnering with the Animal Relief Fund Inc. to supply food insecure families with dif-FUR-ent items needed to take care of their animal. From dog and cat food, to litter and even toys, Baxter’s Pet Pantry is the PURR-fect place to meet all of your pets’ needs in times of crisis. In 2022, Baxter’s Pet Pantry assisted 207 families in need of pet food on Long Island, and this year we look forward to helping even more take care of their furry family.

People who are food insecure often have to make the choice between putting food on their plate, or their pet’s. This is a choice that no human should ever have to make. With assistance from Baxter’s Pet Pantry, we’re PAWS-itive that you will never have to make that choice ever again.

Sources: Owners Get More Exercise, Relieve Stress During Challenging Times