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Family Advisor Opportunity

Help assist and educate Long Island families

Use your voice, become a family advisor.

In partnership with Allied Physicians Group, Long Island Cares is looking for a family advisor to work alongside us in addressing pediatric food insecurity.

The Goals

  • Provide ongoing access to nutritious foods.
  • Better understanding of the needs of families, such as access to nutritious food.
  • Educate families about food insecurity, health, and nutrition.

How much time? And will I be compensated?

Not much, and YES!!

The family advisor role can be in person, online, and/or in the community. It can be done an hour a week or a few hours a day. This depends on your level of engagement and the synergy of the focus groups and nutrition workshops.

Funding for this initiative is one year. Therefore, we are looking for a one-year commitment from the advisor.

The family advisor will be compensated up to $3,000 for their efforts.

If interested, please submit the form to the right.







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