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    Virtual Pampered Chef Party benefitting LI Cares ends Sunday

    Attention foodies and Foodie-lovers!

    FB event headerOur Virtual Pampered Chef Party ends THIS SUNDAY.  Join the Facebook event now to receive updates, delicious holiday recipes, and holiday deals on Pampered Chef products – and once you’ve chosen the Pampered Chef products have your favorite foodie’s (or your own) name on them, order them through the link in the event and up to 15% of what you spend will be donated to Long Island Cares!

    If you wish to schedule an in-person party of your own, do so through ours and an additional $3 will be donated to LIC!

    And remember to use the hashtag #LICPCParty if you post about what you bought, the recipes, or anything else Party related to spread the word!

    Happy (and delicious) shopping!

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