“Food For Thought: Theater Gives Back”

Four Plays About Benevolence

Donate today and Give a Meal to someone in need!

During this time of community uncertainty and need, Northport Plays, Inc. is presenting “Food for Thought: Theater Gives Back” – a program of plays to raise awareness about the hungry and food insecure on Long Island and seeking monetary donations to benefit Long Island Cares, Inc., The Harry Chapin Food Bank.

100% of the proceeds go directly to Long Island Cares to provide the nourishing food people need.

Watch Food For Thought: Theater Gives Back Now

“The Volunteer” by Lynda Sales, Directed by Stan Katz with Calvin Gladen and Laura Sweeney.
Her first day volunteering at an animal shelter makes Annabell want to do more for the animals she has just met.

“The Baker of Kos” by Delvyn Case, Directed by John Passadino with Michael Horn, Gina Scarda and John Passadino.
A Greek baker uses his artisanry to do what he can to feed the hundreds of refugees and migrants arriving to Greek shores during the immigration crisis of 2015.

“Drawing The Line” by Seth Freeman, Directed by Linda Randolph with Tom Ciorciari and Joshua Diolosa.
A physician must face an undesired reality as he prepares for his patient’s operation.

“Margot’s Hope” by Larry J. Maltin, Directed by Maria Filippone with Katt Gerardi, Donna Morales, and Heidi Hecker.
A young homeless woman must muster all her resources to move forward and gain a second chance to make her life better.



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