Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Finding Community Through The Food Bank

July 25, 2019

The volunteer spotlight is back and this month we are highlighting somebody who has been working with Long Island Cares for the better part of 20 years!

Regina Sferrazza has been coordinating food drives on behalf of her company, Modular Devices, since 1999. However, Regina became more involved a few years ago after going through some big life changes. Up until that point, Regina had been the primary caregiver for her mother. Her mother’s passing in the Summer of 2015 left a heavy hole in her heart. At that same time, her son went away to college. It was at that point Regina realized she needed something more; she needed to give back.

“I like meeting people,” she said at King Kullen of Bethpage where she was volunteering for a food drive. “I like being out here, sharing what I know and learning from everyone else.”

While Regina volunteers at a number of events, food drives and Mobile Pantry in Brentwood tend to be pretty consistent.

“I’ve had one person peg me as a carnival barker.”

The work is simple but necessary. Regina hands out fliers and informs grocery market shoppers about the food drive: barker style–at least, that’s Regina’s style. Another person works the door sorting food and donations as they come in.

Regina said she tries to do two weekends a month. Getting out in the community and feeling connected to those around her is important.

“I don’t mind the drive,” she said. “If an event is available, I’ll take it.”

That mindset has allowed her to connect more with Long Island on a regional level and become more involved in her community and the network of volunteers Long Island Cares works with. It brings her joy to volunteer a few hours a month, and joy is a nice thing to welcome into life.

If you are interested in volunteering for Long Island Cares, please visit us on our volunteer page and start getting involved today!




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