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Volunteer Spotlight: Book Lover Brings Joy Of learning To The Children's Breakfast Food Truck

March 21, 2019

This month, we’re talking about a love of learning in our Volunteer Spotlight!

Beth Shapiro has been volunteering with different causes for most of her adult life. Her first major commitment was with the Long Island Association for AIDS Care (LIAAC), where she spent ten years volunteering. She has spent much of her life working as a teacher and has welcomed community involvement through her job. However, when Beth retired four years ago, she sought out Long Island Cares to continue her commitment to children’s’ health and housing.
Sometimes, she volunteers in the warehouse where she packs up weekly food deliveries for clients.  However, as soon as she started volunteering with Denis DaPuzzo on the AsparaGus Breakfast Truck for kids, she said she found her home!
“My reward is the client contact so this is perfect,” Beth said in an email interview.

“Last year Denis and I were discussing my interest in putting books into these kids’ homes.  I spoke with people at my library and they agreed to put aside books for me when they weeded out the collection.  They have been a remarkable partner, packing up bags and cartons of books regularly.  I bring them to the breakfast sites and the kids take handfuls of them!  They come in now asking if we have any books for them.  I’d guess we’ve handed out 100s of books for ages infant through young teens.”

Beth said growing up her home was filled with books, as was her home when her daughter was young. “She is a voracious reader and a middle school English teacher. I believe reading gives kids things to dream about and strive for. I’m grateful for the opportunity to put food and books into the homes of these families. They are so deserving!”
The work is rewarding and fills her time well. As a retired science teacher, Beth enjoys filling her life with family and friends. She practices yoga, takes frequent trips to the city, and spends lots of time with her two grandchildren.
Beth said she is happy to collect books for anybody who would like to donate. Interested participants can reach out to Beth at [email protected] to make arrangements.

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