Press Release

Long Island Cares Responds To Governor Andrew Cuomo's Announcement On Hunger Assistance

August 11, 2017

Statement from Paule T. Pachter, CEO, Long Island Cares, Inc. in Response to Governor’s Announcement of New Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Funding

Long Island Cares thanks Governor Andrew Cuomo for the news release his office issued on Tuesday, August 8th, announcing “More Than $2.3 Million for Emergency Food Assistance on Long Island.”  We are most grateful to New York State Health Commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker and his staff of the Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP) for their continued recognition of our organization as one of the eight designated regional food banks in New York, serving the needs of more than 300,000 people on Long Island that are impacted by high food insecurity and hunger.

The announcement of a $2,045,125 grant to Long Island Cares illustrates Governor Cuomo’s continued commitment to partner with the state’s regional food banks to provide emergency food, nutrition education, food safety training, and in the case of Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank, a network of innovative direct service programs providing mobile outreach, community support, job training and placement, and other assistance to individuals and families at risk including, seniors, Veterans, children, the homeless and people with disabilities living in Nassau and Suffolk county.

During the next five years, the New York State HPNAP program will provide Long Island Cares with more than $10 million in critical funding that will continue to allow us to support nearly 585 local community pantries, soup kitchens and other emergency food service providers who contract with the regional food bank to receive nutritious foods, education and training, and grant funding to support their infrastructure and operational needs.  We remain dedicated to our partnership with the New York State HPNAP program to provide the highest quality of services to Long Islanders in need, and look forward to the next five years of working to end hunger on Long Island with the support of the HPNAP staff, state legislature, local government, businesses and corporations, our donors, Board of Directors, and my colleagues on the board of the Food Bank Association of New York State.


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