We Had A Volunteer Appreciation Party Because Our Volunteers Are THE BEST!

September 19, 2017

We love our volunteers. They are the community that keep us going. It takes a lot to keep Long Island Cares going and our ever-changing groups of volunteers are often the lifeline of our organization.

On September 1, we decided to have a little volunteer appreciation party to show these awesome volunteers how much we adore them. Forty volunteers came out to the warehouse in Hauppauge to kick off Hunger Action Month by sorting and repacking food for local families in need, followed by a potluck.
If you’ve ever considered volunteering but are not sure what it entails, repacking is job volunteers regularly do. When LI Cares receives donations, often those donations need to be repacked and sorted. So we have our volunteers take that food and group them into the same bins, organize them into boxes for shipping, or put together bags for our recipients. It’s not very intensive work and requires very light lifting.
Carving out time and showing up regular does take commitment and dedication, however. We’re grateful for these volunteers who regularly make the time to show up and be a part of this cause.
Volunteer coordinator Alisha Summers said she is so grateful to work with such inspiring people. “They are always in a good mood and eager to help and I don’t know what we’d do without all these fantastic people.”
If you are interested in volunteering and joining our community, please check out available dates here!