What Is "One Island Giving Day" And How Can You Get Involved?

September 11, 2017

Long Island holds a strong community of people. We all take pride in where we live and love it here.
In an attempt to unite Long Islanders and increase the spirit of Long Island, The Hagerdorn Foundation partnered with local nonprofits, including Long Island Cares, to create One Island Giving Day. It’s a one-day virtual event that aims to raise $1 million dollars for local, Lon Island-based nonprofits. We are building a stronger Long Island for ALL Long Islanders.

The actual day is set for October 26, 2017 and includes more than 90 Long Island-based nonprofits. Long Island Cares is proud to be included in that list and we are setting our aims high.
So here’s what we ask of you:
Mark October 26, on your calendar and head over to Razoo to contribute to the cause. On the 26th, make your donation to Long Island Cares and show us how much you care! One Island Giving Day is an attempt to leave a mark, make an impression, and learn more about our island. After all, a million dollars in a day for 90+ nonprofits is a hefty goal. But it also says a lot about Long Island and if we rise to this challenge and meet that goal in one day, it makes a statement.
Donors have already started contributing and you are free to add to that list before the actual day. You can support Long Island Cares’ involvement in One Island Giving Day by donating here!


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