Long Island’s Most Creative Food Drive Opens Doors For Public Display

October 29, 2018

It’s been called the most creative food drive on Long Island. Architecture, engineers, design professionals and students team up to fight hunger is a highly unique and cooperative setting known as CANstruction.

Each year, the lobby of the RXR Plaza in Uniondale, NY houses this incredible art show for two weeks. The annual event is a food drive and design competition whose purpose is to raise awareness and bring in donations for food-insecure people on Long Island. Teams enter themselves in the running to create the most impressive structure and build their hearts out. Each team is required to collect all the cans themselves, sometimes amounting to thousands of cans of tuna fish, soup, vegetables, chili, and more.

The idea is to work together to create something special and unique. Teams have 12 hours to put the structures together, which is followed by an awards reception. Then the show is open to the public. From now until November 12, everybody is encouraged to come to view the amazing art pieces. The cost of admission is one can of food.
After the 12th, each piece will be deconstructed and its building blocks donated to one of the four participating charities, including Long Island Cares. Come out and view the structures before they’re gone!


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