How Long Island Cares Is Working Toward A More Sustainable Long Island

August 13, 2019

We’re seeking more solutions for sustainability on Long Island.

Long Island Cares cultivates a community garden, tended by volunteers for the purpose of supporting veterans in our community. Each summer, a team of volunteers, employees, students, and veterans manage garden beds to grow fruits, vegetables, and fresh produce. All week, community members are out in the garden tending to the beds. Every Monday is a harvest day when fruits and vegetables are pulled from their vines, dug from the Earth, or plucked and put in a basket.

Then, the fresh fruits and veggies are taken to the Harry Chapin Food Bank and Humanitarian Center in Huntington Station.

That’s where they are redistributed to veterans and their families every Tuesday. At Long Island Cares service centers, we exclusively serve military members and their families every Military Appreciation Tuesday. We’re happy to provide them with a little extra in the form of fresh produce. It’s a small step but it’s capable of making big waves in terms of creating a more sustainable and better fed Long Island.
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