Thanks Sammy Hagar For Helping Us In The Fights Against Hunger On Long Island

September 25, 2017

On Saturday, September 23, Chief Government Affairs Officer for Long Island Cares, Inc., Michael Haynes, had the privilege of meeting Sammy Hagar before he took the stage with his band the Circle for a wonderful show.  Sammy has been an advocate in the fight against hunger for many years, and discussed with us the role of food banks in disaster relief and also our innovative veteran services. 
When Sammy played “Right Now,”  he shared information on how the audience can find their closest Feeding America food bank and encouraged everyone in attendance to take action in the fight to end hunger. We’re grateful to work with such talented and inspiring folks in the fight against hunger. Take a look at the photos below and don’t forget to SHARE with your fellow Long Islanders!



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