Virtual Pampered Chef Party benefitting LI Cares ends Sunday

December 14, 2015

Attention foodies and Foodie-lovers!
FB event headerOur Virtual Pampered Chef Party ends THIS SUNDAY.  Join the Facebook event now to receive updates, delicious holiday recipes, and holiday deals on Pampered Chef products – and once you’ve chosen the Pampered Chef products have your favorite foodie’s (or your own) name on them, order them through the link in the event and up to 15% of what you spend will be donated to Long Island Cares!
If you wish to schedule an in-person party of your own, do so through ours and an additional $3 will be donated to LIC!
And remember to use the hashtag #LICPCParty if you post about what you bought, the recipes, or anything else Party related to spread the word!
Happy (and delicious) shopping!


Lifetime Brands Donates New Kitchen Products to Long Island Cares in Time for the Holidays