Make Sure You Check-Out Hunger This Fall

September 22, 2017

We are all familiar with the sugary sweets we find on the checkout line. It’s too easy to cave to the impulse buys sitting beside the cashier. So rather than checking out chocolate this Autumn, why don’t you Check-Out Hunger? From now through the new year, various supermarkets on Long Island will be participating in our simple donation program.
It’s easy and just as impulsive as buying that chocolate bar. When your cashier finishes checking you out, they’ll ask you to donate $1, $3, or $5 to benefit Long Island Cares. This is your cue to say, “yes, I would love to help fight hunger on Long Island.”
Every dollar you donate goes directly to families in need and you might be surprised to find that the families we serve vary greatly. Just because somebody looks like they’re doing okay, doesn’t mean everything is actually fine. Many people we serve are going through tough times and a little nudge of help goes a long way. In fact, each dollar donated translates to roughly 1.35 pounds of food.
As a food bank, we have very good relationships with local farmers and food providers. We have deals that enable us to buy large quantities of food at wholesale prices, so every dollar is stretched farther than Mr. Eleastic giving you a high five from Canada. Anyway…please donate. Take a look at the participating grocery stores and the dates they will be involved:

October 8-January 1


October 1-December 31



November 4-December 16


October 1-December 31


November 1-December 31


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