Long Island Cares Welcomes Chef Alan Gotay To Join The Fight Against Hunger On April 26

February 15, 2018

Long Island Cares is excited to welcome Chef Alan Gotay to our training room kitchen for a cooking demonstration on April 26, 2018. Gotay is a retired professional boxer turned chef who is trained in the art of fighting as well as the craft of cooking. The Cuban-Puerto Rican chef started his boxing career at the age of sixteen and turned professional at twenty-two. His cooking career stemmed from being a professional athlete.
“I had to teach myself about nutrition, cooking, and eating healthy,” he writes. “During that time, my thirst for knowledge grew in both boxing as well as cooking, ultimately leading me to culinary school.”
His latest adventure has been with BabaluNY, a Cuban-Mediterranean restaurant in Huntington Village. He’s also helping in the fight against hunger.
On April 26, Gotay will be working with the Long Island Cares to host a healthy eating demonstration with our member agencies. Our member agencies are the soup kitchens, found pantries, homeless shelters, and humanitarian organizations who work with us to provide healthy food to the community. If you are a part of our member agency network and are interested in attending this demonstration, please contact Laura Lynn or find out more here.


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