Car Donation Program

A car or other vehicle donation can be a great way to support Long Island Cares, a leading comprehensive hunger assistance charity. Donation Processors of America (DPA) makes it simple too. How simple? Just call 877-872- 2127.

DPA accepts donations of cars, trucks and RVs (running or not) to help feed Long Island’s hungry. Through their efforts, this program provides much-needed funds for Long Island Cares on a monthly basis.

How does it work? DPA advertises for donation vehicles in local publications throughout our community, then works directly with the donor, who receives a receipt from DPA. All recordkeeping and administration, such as handling clients’ calls to donate vehicles, pick up, storage and sale of vehicle, are the responsibility of DPA. Long Island Cares receives a monthly statement along with a donation, which is a percentage of the net proceeds from selling the vehicle and parts. This establishes the charitable deduction aspect. You may wish to read the IRS Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation.

One happy car donor has high praise for this program: “It was absolutely terrific. Not only did my donation of my old car prove effortless, but it serves such a wonderful purpose. There can only be high praise for a program that provides a great opportunity to generate funds to those in our community less fortunate.”

We applaud Vernon Rasmussen, President of Donation Processors of America, and his staff for efforts on the behalf of the hungry here on Long Island. Thank you for making a difference! You can make a difference too. Call DPA at 877-872- 2127.

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