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For a Long Island event that makes a difference, attend one of these fundraisers in support of Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank, one of our region’s most comprehensive hunger assistance organizations. Since our organization was founded by the late singer, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and social activist Harry Chapin, music is part of our operations – and fundraising efforts – so check back here often to see who’s bringing their talents to benefit Long Islanders experiencing hunger, poverty or food insecurity.

Virtual Food Drive Partnering With You Give Goods

March 7, 2020


Please participate in our virtual food drive.  https://yougivegoods.com/licfightscovid19

These items are most needed by families on Long Island during this crisis.


If you would like to make a monetary donation, visit our website and click the donate button.



Feeding Our Families Virtual Food Drive

April 4, 2020

Non-perishable food donations have declined while the need continues to grow – forcing Long Island Cares to rely more heavily on financial donations to restock shelves, deliver shelf-stable goods to families and keep the emergency food chain stable.

As we continue to face these challenges due to the impact of COVID-19, NBC 4 New York/WNBC, Telemundo 47/WNJU, and our supermarket partner Stop & Shop are teaming up to lend a helping hand.

Starting May 18 and continuing through May 24, Tri-State residents can locate and make a financial donation to Long Island Cares through a special Feeding our Families fundraising campaign.

Funds generated through the community appeal will help us restock shelves and supply non-perishable goods to pantries, agencies and other front-line, anti-hunger community organizations.

Every dollar Matters!  $1 equals 1.12 meals.



Thank you for supporting Long Island Cares!

Long Island Cares COVID-19 Updates

*Update as of 4/25/2020*

Long Island Cares COVID-19 Emergency response statistics:

  • 906,570 Total # of meals provided   (44.0% increase over 2019)
  • 7,233 Number of people seen at our satellite locations (64.6% increase over 2019)
  • 2,212 Number of new visitors to satellites directly related to COVID-19 (30.6% increase over 2019)
  • 24,316 Total pounds received from community and virtual food drives (41.2% decrease over 2019)








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