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For a Long Island event that makes a difference, attend one of these fundraisers in support of Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank, one of our region’s most comprehensive hunger assistance organizations. Since our organization was founded by the late singer, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and social activist Harry Chapin, music is part of our operations – and fundraising efforts – so check back here often to see who’s bringing their talents to benefit Long Islanders experiencing hunger, poverty or food insecurity.

Harry Chapin Practice-A-Thon

March 1, 2019

Calling all local music students:

The Harry Chapin Practice-A-Thon!

March 1 - March 31st, 2019


NOTE: The Packet was updated December 1, 2018 - make sure you have the new version!


harry2Harry Chapin was a world-famous, Grammy-winning guitarist and songwriter who used his music to raise awareness about the realities and prevalence of hunger in America - particularly on Long Island - and the rest of the world.  Harry was so passionate about hunger that half of his concerts every year were benefits for organizations such as Long Island Cares, Inc. - The Harry Chapin Food Bank, which he founded.

The Harry Chapin Practice-A-Thon aims to strengthen the practicing habits of music students of all ages while supporting food banks in New York State such as Long Island Cares, honoring Harry by bringing together his two great passions.



---Bpracticelogo jpgefore March begins, participants ask loved ones, teachers, etc. to pledge as little as 1 cent for every minute that they practice during the Practice-A-Thon.

---From March 1st to March 31st, the participants keep a record of how many minutes they practice their instrument each day.

 ---At the end of the month, the participants hand their practice schedules in to their music teachers to add up their practice times. Then, students collect pledge checks from their sponsors and send them to Long Island Cares, Inc.

For more, like Long Island Cares and the Practice-A-Thon on Facebook.