Faces of Hunger

Military Appreciation Tuesdays

Michelle, age 28, is a veteran of service in the Middle East.   As she ended her service, Michelle found integration back into civilian life difficult.  Through Long Island Cares, Michelle has been able to access food and support services and comes to our Military Appreciation Tuesdays regularly. Visiting our pantry weekly, Michelle receives food for herself and her puppy which eases her financial concerns as she navigates applying for SNAP and other benefits.  After a full assessment by Long Island Cares, we were able to refer her to additional services she is eligible for through the Veterans Administration and the Dwyer Project.

84 year old Maureen is the widow of a World War II veteran. Many years after her husband’s passing, she has found herself struggling to make ends meet. Through regular visits to Long Island Cares during our Military Appreciation Tuesdays, Maureen has been able to lower her grocery bills by several hundred dollars each month. These savings have allowed Maureen to live a more financially secure life, as she is now able to make her many bill payments. Maureen has also been able to connect with a number of veterans and spouses facing similar conditions, which has significantly eased her mind by reminding her that she is not alone. Even Maureen’s children have reported that Long Island Cares has helped their mother get back on track.

We are both honored and humbled to serve veterans like Michelle and military families such as Maureen. For more about Military Appreciation Tuesdays, click here.

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