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Hunger Action Day

September 12th 2019 is Hunger Action Day.
Please donate your 'Dollars For Dinners'

Did you know that just $1.12 provides a meal for somebody in need? Because of the partnerships Long Island Cares has with local farmers and food providers, we are able to buy food at wholesale price and distribute it for FREE to people in need. We work with a network of agencies, food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters to take care of the most vulnerable in our communities.

We never turn somebody away if they come to us seeking help. This is a practice we have maintained for almost 40 years.

On September 12th, we will once again be nationally acknowledging Hunger Action Day, a day when the country comes together to take action toward fighting hunger. This year, we're looking to raise $5,000 and we're doing it one dollar at a time.

Here's how it works:
1. Donate $1 to Long Island Cares on September 12th (or sooner).
2. Share a paper plate selfie on social media with the words "1 dollar = 1 meal."
3. Tag to 3 friends and nominate them to donate too.

It's amazing how small ripples can create big waves. DONATE HERE, see how much we've raised, and we'll watch how big those waves can be!

Date & Time

September 12, 2019



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