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Civil Rights Training

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All programs that distribute TEFAP product must attend a Civil Rights training annually or complete the online training.  All staff and volunteers must be trained.

Please make sure that all staff has taken the training, which is a requirement of TEFAP.  This includes even data entry people.  Have a sign-in sheet or keep copies of certificates.

The USDA requires all recipients of USDA commodities to participate in mandatory Civil Rights Training on a yearly basis.

All staff and volunteer working with your agency (that participate in the food program you operate which receives USDA commodities, such as a pantry or cooking in a kitchen) must read the training document and then sign the USDA Civil Right Training Sign-In Sheet demonstrating they have completed this mandatory training.  One person per agency should also request a Civil Rights Training Certificate (per attached training power-point).

Anytime a new volunteer or staff joins your agency and participates in the program that benefits from the USDA commodities, they must complete this training. Best practice would be to incorporate USDA Civil Rights training into your new staff or new volunteer orientation.

Please note that you do not have to provide a copy of this training sign-in to Long Island Cares, Inc. but instead are required to keep your Sign-Off Attestation Sheet on file at your organization for three (3) years.

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