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  1. Will Millennials Be The Future Donors Long Island Nonprofits Can Bank On? Part II

    Long Island Cares, Inc. recently contracted with The AIMsights Group to implement its own research project to gauge the interest of millennials specifically on Long Island in supporting the regional food bank, and to find out how the population feels about ending hunger and lifting people out of poverty in Nassau and Suffolk County. The […]

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  2. Will Millennials Be the Future Donors Long Island Nonprofits Can Bank On? Part I

    There has been much documented about the millennial population on a national level, as a potentially untapped donor base for the nonprofit sector. The research conducted by various organizations such as the Blackboard Institute on a national level portray millennials as being interested in volunteering their time to support social causes and charities that have […]

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  3. How Long Island Cares Is Working Toward A More Sustainable Long Island

    We’re seeking more solutions for sustainability on Long Island. Long Island Cares cultivates a community garden, tended by volunteers for the purpose of supporting veterans in our community. Each summer, a team of volunteers, employees, students, and veterans manage garden beds to grow fruits, vegetables, and fresh produce. All week, community members are out in […]

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