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  1. We’re Super Excited To Announce The Mobile School Pantry Starts Today

    Kids always eat free with us! We’re trying to make sure all little bellies are full and fed with healthy food choices. We work hard to bring the healthiest food possible into our warehouse and distribute nutritious meals to all our clients. The mobile school pantry helps us reach our health goals while we keep […]

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  2. Make Sure You Check Out Hunger This Fall

    We are all familiar with the sugary sweets we find on the checkout line. It’s too easy to cave to the impulse buys sitting beside the cashier. So rather than checking out chocolate this Autumn, why don’t you Check Out Hunger? From now through the new year, various supermarkets on Long Island will be participating […]

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  3. Here’s The Children’s Breakfast Food Truck Schedule For August 2017

    Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day…but you already knew that! To keep our community happy, healthy, and fed, we have the Children’s Breakfast Food Truck serving up meals throughout August. If you’re looking for a good start to the day, come out to one of our locations on the day and time listed […]

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