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New Agency Orientation

Working together to help more people

New Agency orientation is required for all potential agency partners and is recommended for new staff at existing agencies.

Orientation will include an overview of Long Island Cares operations – including ordering procedures, delivery schedules, outreach program information, and Gus’ Grocery.

Plus, an overview of HPNAP grants, TEFAP opportunities, Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables (JSY), Food Safety and Sanitation, and Nutrition Education workshops.

Please note: to maintain eligibility for TEFAP, all recipient agencies are required to meet the below criteria.

  • Attend an annual Civil Rights training.
  • Display the “And Justice for All” poster in plain sight. If you need a poster, please contact Michele: 631-582-3663 ext. 134.
  • Post “Client Bill of Rights” and “Provider Bill of Rights” in plain sight. A copy can be downloaded from our website at www.licares.org on the Agency News page.
  • Distribute the Written Notice of Beneficiary Rights to all regular clients as they fill out the Self-Attestation Form. For one-time only clients, it is acceptable to explain these rights and show the displayed Notice.
  • Food Pantries ONLY – must have clients sign the Self Attestation Form. This form is for your use only. Do not send it back to LI Cares.
    Retain delivery records/universal entitlement forms for a minimum of 4 years.
Name of participant*(Required)
*Due to limited seating, only one participant per agency can register.
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